Easter Sunrise

Three women visit Jesus’ tomb, marking a dark conclusion to a week that saw Him transform from celebrated Messiah to condemned criminal. This narrative encapsulates Jesus’ final week: His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, cleansing of the temple, teachings, and eventual betrayal, leading to His crucifixion and burial. Despite the despair, the early Christian community emerged resilient, spreading Jesus’ teachings across lands, forming the foundation of the Church. As history unfolded, figures like Pilate and Herod Antipas faced their downfalls, illustrating the transient nature of earthly power. The destruction of Jerusalem and the subsequent decline of the Roman Empire into the Dark Ages further underscore the inevitability of change and decay. Yet, amidst the seeming defeat, the followers of Jesus established a legacy of faith, charity, and transformation, underscored by scriptures promising that believers, united in Christ, embody the living temple of God’s spirit. This story, from despair to resurgence, encapsulates the enduring spirit of the Church, reliant not on human strength but on the divine promise of renewal and hope.