Green Creek Bethel United Methodist Church

August 2, 2020          9th Sunday after Pentecost


   Welcome, Greeting & Announcements 

   Call to Celebration

    L:  God’s love is a permanent gift which can never be taken  from us.

    All: Jesus has made that love forever ours through his death on the cross.

    L: There are still strong powers of evil in our world; but they cannot separate us from God’s love.

    All: We are certain that God gives us victory over all these powers, keeping us in God’s love through Christ Jesus our Lord!

   Hymn of Praise  “How Can We Name a Love”           No. 111     

   Opening Prayer

  Call to Confession & Prayer of Confession

    We do not believe, Lord God, that the Christian faith is a mental escape from the reality of sin or death or any other evil force. But while we know these powers are real, we still fail to experience the victory of Christ,     which keeps us secure in your love. Forgive us for our spiritual weakness when we have ignored the power of Christ in our lives. Show us the victory which is ours in Christ, that we may live in the strength of your love     forever. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  Silent Meditation (the flame of prayer is fed by the fuel of meditation)

  Words of Grace

  Hebrew Bible Reading                          Nehemiah 9:16-20                                   

  Epistle Lesson                                         Romans 8:35, 37-39

   Hymn             “We Sing to You, O God”                   No. 2001

  The Gospel                                                 Matthew 14:13-21

  Sermon                  “Living in the Midst”   Rev. John Wright

  Morning Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer

  Hymn                “Standing on the Promises”             No. 374



Our Organist is Julia Sangillo

Our Reader is Lori Rosell

 Prayer Chain Ministry—Please call Julie Crossley at  609-465-8055 if you or a loved one needs prayer.


You may contact Pastor Wright at any time:


The church’s website  is



Scriptures for Times of Anxiety